SMGA Credits For 2022

This page shows each SMGA member how many credits they have for the current season. A player receives
credits for each event he plays in.  The Credits that a member receives for playing in an event can be greater
than one (1) if it is a Trophy Event or an event where a higher number of credits will be used to encurage members to
participate in the event. The "Rank" column shown the members standing in qualifying for the Frequent Player Event
at the end of the year. Invitations to Frequent Player Event will be extended based on their participation during the
2021 season. The number of invitations will be determined later. Members tied for the last few positions in the field
will be selected by lottery draw from the tied group. This page is Current as of the xxxxx Event in 2022.
For any questions about your record, please contact SMGA Technical Associate Fred McNamee @ 843-342-9284