When Extreme Cold or Inclement Weather Threatens Play on the Morning of an Event, participants should Check for Delays or Cancellations as early as possible by doing one or more of the Following Actions in the following order:
1. Go to our Website for an Announcement on the Home Page.
       -Always Check our Website just before Leaving for the Event.
       -If You have a Smart phone, Check the Website while on the Way.
2. Check your email for possible weather messages passed on by your SMGA representative.
3. Contact the Pro Shop at the Event site.
4. Contact the SMGA Event Chairmen whose names & phone numbers are posted in the "Pairings & Tee Times" area on our web site.
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** Browser Problem that should be Fixed. **

Members have occasionally reported that pairings or announcements aren't posted when in fact they are.  The reason is a default Browser setting is not displaying the most recent web page.  This can affect you anywhere you go, not just the SMGA website.  It is especially important you correct this so your Browser displays a last minute cancellation announcement of an event.  To permanently fix the problem, go to "General Information" and click the "Fix Your Browser" Button for instructions.